Wizards of Roygbiv


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A few wizards have a disagreement at Roygbiv, the tavern at the end of the rainbow. The only way to settle a dispute among wizards?

A FIGHT TO THE DEATH, of course!



Select spells, then cast them at eachother until someone dies. Find out which spells work well together and build your deck for maximum deadliness! Form teams and help eachother out. Discuss strategy, and counter that of your opponents. Dive into seven different archetypes of magic, where each color of the rainbow has its own theme and comes with a set of unique cards, with multiple underlying strategies.

Wizards of Roygbiv combines Deck Building (ex: Dominion) with TCG mechanics (ex: Magic The Gathering). It is a fast-paced, often-intense game for 2-6 players that will take 30-60 minutes to play. The game usually ends when the first player dies (depending on the mode of play), so no sitting on the sidelines unless you really want to go hard-core and play the king-of-the-hill mode!



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