Wizards of Roygbiv | Strategic spell-flinging boardgame for 2-6 players.

Wizards of Roygbiv

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Bar brawl
players 2 - 6
ages 14 +
duration 30 min
Mechanism 2 Drafting
Mechanism 1 Building
Mechanism 3 3 modes
Mechanism 3 Brawl

What is Wizards of Roygbiv

In Wizards of Roygbiv, you and up to five other friends are wizards in a tavern at the end of the rainbow, called Roygbiv. You have a bit of an argument and things get out of hand. The only way to settle things now is a magical fight to the death.

Explore many possible options while drafting from seven asymmetric base decks, each with a unique personality. Team up with other wizards, unleashing deadly combinations; and select spells from other decks during the game. Strike too eagerly and be foiled; but wait too long and there may not be another round.

If you don't mind some reading and thinking, this game is definitely for you! Our 90+ spells may include fire, friendship, scapegoats, potatoes, magical barriers, telepathy and corruption. Enough to keep you discovering new things for more than a few games.

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Game in action